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When I discover (and like) a new product, I usually stick to it until I find something better.  That being said, I don't have drawers full of makeup but rather a few products that I love dearly. 

Palettes :

My favorite palettes at the moment consist of the UD NAKED2 and the NARSissist cheek palette. I know a lot of people are not too fond of the second NAKED palette and to be honest I have no idea why !!!  All of the shadows are gorgeous and way prettier than the ones in the original palette.. thats just my opinion though.  I am particularly fond of the highlighter [devotee] and blush [orgasm] that come in the NARS palette.  

Foundation :

Words cannot even describe how much I love this foundation.  Ever since I purchased this about 8 months ago, I haven't found a foundation that lives up to this one.  I have a full review on this which you can find here. My favorite way to apply this foundation is with a beauty blender !

Lipstick :

My current lip color of choice would have to be the well loved MAC Angel.  This is somewhat of a recent purchase- but i've been wearing it everyday as it is a gorgeous everyday lip color. 

Mascara :

 The L'oreal voluminous mascara is my ultimate favorite and my go-to !  It's volumizing and lengthening at the same time which is always a plus, am I right ?

Highlighter :

Let me start off by saying how much I love highlighters. My favorite combination at the moment is NARS' 'Devotee' layered on top ob Benefit's 'Watts Up'. I find that 'devotee' shows up a lot better when it's layered on top of a cream or liquid highlighter. 

Products not pictured :

Favorite powder- Rimmel Stay Matte
Favorite foundation application tool - The beauty blender 

xx nikki



What i'm wearing:
Brandy Melville Top
H&M jeans
Forever 21 sandals
Forever 21 tote
Urban Outfitters sunnies

Nikki xx


Books Worth Reading N°1.

This post is a bit different than what I usually go for.  I love hearing everyones favorite books, so why not show you some of mine!  I read these within the past month and i can honestly say they are so good and i recommend each one. I'm currently reading The Power Of Now but i thought i'd include it anyways. 

Where'd You Go, Bernadette has been popping up everywhere lately.  Its a fun, quick read but at the same time oh so interesting.  The book is told from multiple points of view, which makes it fun to read.  The book revolves around Bernadette, who mysteriously goes missing on her own behalf. Her daughter has to put the pieces together and figure out what made her run away in the first place. This book is absolutely hilarious, which i wasn't expecting but it makes the book 10x better.
The Giver is my absolute favorite among the three. After seeing the trailer for the movie, i wanted to read the book before i watched it. This book is so good i didn't want to put it down. The book takes place in the future where society is separated into different communities. At first Jonas' society seems like the perfect place to live, but throughout the book he learns just how terrible it really is. There are 3 other books in the series, so ill definitely be reading those sometime soon!
The Power Of Now has been on my reading list for a while.  I love spiritual / motivational books so I knew i was going to love this one. I'm only a few pages in but i can tell it's going to be a good read.  I will make an updated post when i finish reading it. 
Have you read any of these books?? What are your thoughts? Also, leave me some book recommendations! 
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I got really into YouTube last summer but stopped a few months in.  I've been
wanting to get back into it, so I decided to just go for it!  My new video is my summer
beauty essentials which you will find above.  Feel free to check out my channel and 
leave me some video requests! 
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I was browsing Pinterest a few days ago and I came across this DIY lemon salt scrub 
that looked so lovely. To my surprise it was extremely easy to make, which is always nice, right?  

I love using salt/sugar scrubs especially in the summer time as an exfoliator and since 
this recipe calls for coconut oil, it makes a great moisturizer as well. 

  What you'll need: 
1/4 Cup of coconut oil
1 Cup of sea salt
1 tsp. lemon juice
A small airtight container ( a small mason jar works perfectly) 

** To be honest I sort of guestimated on the measurements. I just added 
them together until i got a damp / sandy like mixture **
First, I poured the salt into a bowl then added in the oil a little at a time.  
I started to mix it together with a spoon, but I ended up just mixing it with
 my hands! It will get a bit messy, but it's so much easier and you also get to exfoliate
 your hands! Bonus! After thats all mixed in, you can squeeze the lemon juice 
into the mixture. 
** Sidenote- If you use this while in the shower, be careful because the shower
 floor will be slippery!! ** 
If any of you try out this recipe, let me know how it works out!
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